Intent on creating a fun, lively, and approachable oyster bar in their back yard — a neighborhood place where the very best in food and drink would be served in a cozy, welcoming setting — friends Renee Erickson, Jeremy Price, and Chad Dale began work on The Walrus and Carpenter in the winter of 2009.

With a lot of help from friends and family 'The Walrus' took shape. Artist Jeffry Mitchell illustrated the drawings that now hang on the walls in the dining room. Tim Price, Jeremy's father, built much of the cabinetry and furniture in the space. Renee's brother and her father, Ryan and Jim, laid the brick patio. Renee and Carrie Omegna, a very dear friend, found the rusty, metal, coral-like, chandelier that is The Walrus and the Carpenter's centerpiece, in an antique yard in Los Angeles. Finally, in the summer of 2010, The Walrus and the Carpenter opened to the public.

Local and national praise soon followed, and today folks come from near and far to eat and drink at The Walrus and the Carpenter. Even so, 'The Walrus' remains a neighborhood spot — a friendly, often bustling, always casual, place to enjoy icy cold piles of oysters, delicious plates, wines by the glass, beer, cider, and smart cocktails.