menu changes daily–this menu from 1/26/2015  



eagle rock, marinelli shellfish, totten inlet, wa (mp)

pickering passage, marinelli shellfish, pickering passage, wa (mp)

treasure cove, emerald acres shellfish, case inlet, wa (mp)

fanny bay, penn cove shellfish, baynes sound, bc (mp)

baywater sweet, baywater shellfish co., thorndyke bay, wa (mp)

hama hama, hama hama oyster co., hood canal, wa (mp)

blue pool, hama hama oyster co., hood canal, wa (mp)

dabob bay, penn cove shellfish, dabob bay, wa (mp)


sea wolf and columbia city bakery bread and butter (4)

marinated castelvetrano olives (5)




fried brussels sprouts, chives (8)

citrus salad, radicchio, fennel, pomegranate, sesame seeds (10)

french onion soup, beef broth, gruyère (12)

belgian endive, roasted red onion, hazelnut, feta (10)

frisée & escarole, sunchokes, parmesan, anchovy (10)




fried oysters, cilantro aioli (10)

grilled sardines, walnut, parsley, shallot (12)

smoked trout, lentils, walnut, onion, crème fraîche (14)

octopus ceviche, fennel, red onion, cilantro (12)

steamed clams, mustard greens, lentils, mustard oil, grilled bread (14)

steelhead crudo, crème fraîche, pear, quince vinegar (12)*




steak tartare, egg yolk, rye toast (14)*

lamb pâté, curried apricots, fennel mustard (12)




little boy blue (hook’s cheese company, mineral point, wi, sheep) pickled cherries (8)

willow creek (ancient heritage dairy, madras, or, cow/sheep) honey (8)*

loghouse (kurtwood farms, vashon is., wa, cow) pickled raisins (8)*




roasted medjool dates, olive oil, salt (9)

maple bread pudding, espresso butter sauce, whipped cream (9)

salted caramel panna cotta, rice tuile, olive oil (6)