menu changes daily–this menu from 11/22/2014




barron point, marinelli shellfish co., skookum inlet, wa (mp)

treasure cove, emerald acres oyster co., case inlet, wa (mp)

fanny bay, penn cove shellfish, baynes sound, bc (mp)

hove cove, hama hama oyster co., pickering passage, wa (mp)

eagle rock, marinelli shellfish, totten inlet, wa (mp)

north bay, national fish & oyster co., north bay, wa (mp)

judd cove, judd bay oyster co., ship bay east sound, wa (mp)

baywater sweet, baywater shellfish co., thorndyke bay, wa (mp)

hama hama, hama hama oyster co., hood canal, wa (mp)

penn cove select, penn cove shellfish, samish bay, wa (mp)



sea wolf and columbia city bakery bread and butter (4)

marinated castelvetrano olives (5)


beet carpaccio, honeyed walnuts, sherry vinegar (8)

french onion soup, gruyère, croutons, beef broth (12)

roasted carrots & parsnips, coriander cream, preserved lemon (8)

fried brussels sprouts, chives (8)

marinated romanesco & fennel, speck, urfa biber  (10)


fried oysters, cilantro aioli (10)

grilled sardines, walnut, parsley, shallot (12)

smoked trout, lentils, walnut, onion, crème fraîche (14)

scallop carpaccio, lime yogurt, cumin, radish *(14)

grilled octopus, potatoes, harissa, cilantro (12)

black cod ceviche, aquavit, caraway, dill *(14)

steamed clams, cream, fennel, pastis, grilled bread (14)

fried salmon belly, root vegetable purée, pear, pickled apple (12)


steak tartare, egg yolk, rye toast *(14)

pâté, pickled chanterelles, soft egg, toast (10)

corned beef tongue, tartar sauce, cabbage (10)



big rock blue (central coast creamery, paso robles, ca, cow) peach preserves (8)

caña de cabra (central quesera montesinos, jumilla, sp, goat) tomato jam  (8)

dinah’s (kurtwood farm, vashon is., wa, cow) our honey bee’s honey (8)



roasted medjool dates, olive oil, salt (9)

maple bread pudding, espresso butter sauce, whipped cream (9)

pear pop tart, bittersweet pear compote, crème fraîche (9)


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